Barking up the wrong tree

If a crisis overcomes an organization, everyone goes into response mode and frantically starts working towards a solution as fast as possible. The crisis needs averting – now. But if you do not organize the individual response efforts, the results may not be as effective as could be. Read our latest blog on what happens to organizations which approach a crisis without a pre-arranged crisis organization structure. Best efforts, sub optimal results at best.

Taking the Stage

- Text taken and adapted from the book “Expect the unexpected: a comprehensive introduction in the PrepTIME crisis management system” - If we have good news, or want to introduce and sell a new product, nobody listens. We have to put in a lot of effort to draw the attention of our (potential) customers to … Continue reading Taking the Stage

Making decisions during a crisis is like eating tomato soup

Crises require quick decisions. However, there’s a couple of things about decisions that need to be in place before a decision can be effective: A) A good awareness of the current situation and the potential subsequent consequences that follow from it. In other words, we need to know about the here & now, and we need … Continue reading Making decisions during a crisis is like eating tomato soup