Falck logo   About Falck Safety Services CMT:

At Falck Safety Services we have a long history in helping organizations throughout the world with emergency response and crisis management. For over 30 years, we have conducted trainings and consultancy on every level in the chain. Our trainers and consultants have a lot of experience in a wide range of high risk industries such as the offshore oil & gas, shipping, maritime construction, petro chemical and offshore wind industry.

Besides the regular level 1 (single person/action oriented) and level 2 (team leader) courses, we have a broad portfolio in crisis management trainings for operational leadership (level 3) and tactical/strategic crisis management for senior managers (level 4).

Through the years, our trainers were invited to co-develop industry standards for operational crisis management training. In 2011, our trainers have written the NOGEPA crisis management training standard for Offshore Installation Managers (NOGEPA 2.14) and in 2017 our trainers have delivered input for the renewal of the OPITO MEM:IR course and OIM: CE assessment standards.

With this experience and our knowledge we were able to develop a training for captains/masters and officers on board of large sea going vessels: Maritime Management of Major Emergencies (MarMoME). In this training senior officers on board vessels are taught how to manage major emergencies. A truly unique training for the maritime industry, only offered by Falck Safety Services.

Besides the training for the offshore, maritime and wind industries, we also offer a range of training for the operational management of (petro)chemical plants.

Our consultants have a broad portfolio of clients who they help preparing for organizational crises on tactical and corporate level. As there is no existing training standard on the market on this level, the PrepTIME crisis management system was developed to standardize crisis response and structure a proactive approach towards crisis management and crisis communication.

If you feel that your organization can use some help with reducing the potential consequences when the unthinkable happens, please feel free to contact us at any time. Email us at b.poelmann@falck.nl or call +31(0) 181 376 666.


bas-poelmann-4   About Bas Poelmann:

With a background as an officer in the Royal Netherlands Army and S-CMP certified, Bas has worked for Falck since 2006. Specialised in Scenario Based Training, he develops and teaches Crisis Management Training on all levels in the organisational chain. With a vast experience in delivering training to the Oil & Gas industry but also a wide range of shipping and onshore petro chemical industries, Bas is one of Falck’s experts in the field of corporate crisis management.


getpersonaphoto   About Arjan de Pauw Gerlings:

Arjan is senior crisis management trainer at Falck Safety Services. As a Certified Crisis Management Professional he develops crisis management training courses for operational, tactical and strategical levels. Together with Bas Poelmann he provides these programmes at the training facility in Rotterdam, on the assets or at head offices around the world.