Am I ready?

With a few simple steps and checks, you can verify if your organization is ready to deal with the unthinkable. Remember, all of the below have to be guaranteed 24/7/365.

1 Does your complete Crisis Management Team have access to the designated and well-equipped crisis management room? Yes / No
2 When there is an emergency, can you easily get your team assembled within the hour? Yes / No
3 Our crisis management meetings last longer than 15 minutes[1] Yes / No
4 When we face casualties in our organization, our HR department is fully prepared to support the relatives of the affected persons Yes / No
5 Our last crisis management exercise was less than 6 months ago and thoroughly evaluated internally[2] Yes / No
6 When faced with a crisis, we have an up to date inventory of all affected stakeholders ready and we know who’s going to communicate with them Yes / No
7 If the crisis lasts long outside office hours, we have a team member call in some pizza’s3 Yes / No
8 If a new team member is called into the crisis room, he/she can immediately see what the most pressing issues are at the moment Yes / No
9 There is a layer of dust on the folder that contains our emergency plans Yes / No
10 If a journalist asks you some questions about the current emergency, you have in mind exactly what message you want to convey Yes / No
11 If I ask my colleague, he/she knows exactly what my role and responsibilities are during an emergency Yes / No

 [1] If you answered “yes”, you do not have a functional meeting structure

[2] If you answered “yes”: Good job! Consider having your exercises evaluated by a professional. He will see things you have not.


If you feel that some of your answers to the above questions were not satisfactory, no need to despair. With a little bit of help, you can make your organization quite ready for the unthinkable. Contact us so we can exchange ideas. Please send an email to Bas Poelmann –

If you want to have more checks on your preparedness for a crisis, you can view the complete ‘Am I ready’ checklist.

Key: The most positive outcome would be if you have filled in the following answers:

1=Y, 2=Y, 3=N, 4=Y, 5=Y, 6=Y, 7=Y, 8=Y, 9=N, 10=Y, 11=Y