Book Expect the unexpected

​A comprehensive introduction in the PrepTIME crisis management system

Falck Safety Services crisis management training has been offered according to the PrepTIME system for many years, but a reliable reference work was not available. All the more reason to formally record the training method and underlying philosophy in a book. ‘Expect the unexpected – a comprehensive introduction in the PrepTIME crisis management system’ has been realised with the cooperation of industry experts. Although the system was developed specifically for high-risk industries, it can be broadly applied in other industries as well.

Target audience
The book is aimed at managers who are responsible for preparing their organisation for possible emergencies. We aim to create awareness of the fact that organisations are not immune, but that with a number of relatively simple preparations, organisations can be much more resilient than without these preparations. Professionals in the field will find the book’s handling of the subject matter refreshing. Much has been written about crisis management in the (semi-)public sector, but commercial companies or other independent organisations find that the market offers little in terms of practical tips on how to approach the crisis management process. Most literature remains limited to a vague description of ‘what’ you should do in the event of a crisis.

Where available
The authors of the book are Bas Poelmann and Arjan de Pauw Gerlings. Both are employed as crisis management trainers at Falck Safety Services. The book is available on, through and from any bookshop (ISBN 9789463679002). The book is used in ‘Strategic Crisis Management’ practical training. All course participants receive the book after completion of the training.