“As part of a reform of our Emergency Preparedness Falck has assisted us in various ways. By giving an excellent training to staff that would be involved in a potential emergency we feel more ready to deal with an emergency should it arise. The advice given as a result of several exercises has made us change the way we are prepared for emergencies giving a feeling of more control. The experience of the trainers gives us the confidence that we are now on the right track and that we have a good setup to deal with a crisis, large and small.

The approach Falck has taken worked for us, with two trainers who invested time to get familiar with our processes, the suggested changes were easy to implement and during several training days the improvements could be seen. The case studies prepared were fun, but also very good to help us improve our processes, which of course is the ultimate goal.

We are very pleased with the changes that we have realised together with Falck, our process is now more efficient, easier to manage and will no doubt serve us better in case of an emergency.”

 D. van Strijp
Vice President Operations
Allseas Engineering


― Onshore Emergency Respons Team and Leader Training